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PAS (Durban) is a professional shipping company in South Africa operating in the port of Durban and Cape Town, South Africa. As your shipping agents in South Africa, our company offers a full range of port agency, shipping and bunkering services and has tailored services to ensure that your experience is top level. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and our experienced operations team is fully competent and ready to handle many types of vessels and we guarantee to provide unique services and support that exceeds your expectation. As members of South African Association of Ship Operators and Agents (SAASOA), we take our business very much to the heart and have built up an excellent reputation in providing quality services as professional and affordable port and shipping agents in South Africa.

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PAS Ltd. is a shipping company in South Africa with offices in Durban and Cape Town. The company is multinational with other international branches in the Indian Ocean. We pride ourselves on having dedicated services that our teams provide to principals at very affordable rates. We have over time acquired a solid reputation as being a reliable shipping company and offering the most knowledgeable and dependable shipping agents in South Africa. PAS (Durban) has to date served a long list of renowned customers in South Africa and internationally as well. We look forward to working with you as your preferred shipping company in South Africa. Get started today and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable shipping agents in South Africa, Durban and Cape Town.
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